Thursday, September 2, 2010

Inkhat Has a Confession and a Doodle!

Look guys, it's just not working out. The posting every Tuesday thing. Turns out when I ignore it I want to post more. So my plan is: more posts, no schedule! Expect more word-based posts as well. For being so patient I give you this: the nerdiest thing I have ever drawn.
That's right, folks. It's Hellboy fighting Cthuhlu on the Deathstar


  1. It looks a little bit like an upside-down heart, minus the aortic arch.

    But then, I saw a bus stop ad for sweet-n-low and thought it looked like a uterus.

    I think maybe I need to get out more. -_-

  2. Did Hellboy and Cthuhlu grow or did the Deathstar shrink?