Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Inkhat Is Working On It!

If you pre-ordered White Out at SPACE, you will be pleased to know that the reprints were ordered and are on their way. Of course printing takes for-freaking-ever, so it will be about 4 weeks before I will have your order on its way to you. On the upside, I decided to upgrade them to paperbacks because they look/read better. Thanks for your patience, guys!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Inkhat Welcomes You!

A special hello to everyone who is coming here from SPACE! It was wonderful meeting you. I had a marvelous time...and there's still 4 hours to go! Turns out I printed too few of my new White Out book and completely sold out. I'm making a special order, though! I am also working on the new website which will be up soon (like a week or something). Also maybe paypall will help me sell you guys some books online. Stay posted inkhatians! Adventure's on the horizon!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Inkhat Has a New Book!

SPACE is fast approaching, much to my surprise. I could have sworn it was in April this year! Well I guess I promised I would go, so I had to get some books together. Inkat will be for sale, as well as a space adventure I wrote and Beth Sparks illustrated. I haven't actually seen the final of that comic yet, but Beth is an amazing artist. I'm very excited! In addition, I will have a collection of two of my painted comics: Gray Horses and Napping of the Deeps. They are collected into one book: White Out. Here's the cover:

Hope to see some of you at SPACE! It should be OUT OF THIS WORLD. Heheheh